We are a leading Czech mattress manufacturer with a long tradition. We offer mattresses and products for healthy sleep to a wide sector of users from hospitals, hotels, guest houses, spas, long-term care facilities up to home use.  Thanks to our many years of experience, we can guarantee that we will stay close to you and continue to improve our mattresses with respect for your wishes.


A partner mattress with two functional sides providing different firmness comfort in a maximum height of 26 cm.

The MADA mattress offers the choice of a medium firm (antibacterial foam) or harder (blue foam) mattress side. The different anti-decubitus shaping divides the mattress into 7 anatomical zones that adapt to each part of the body. The high breathability is ensured by the high-quality open cell cold foam (HR foam) structure, which is elastic and durable. The MADA mattress will bring harmony and balance to your bedroom.


We believe in SEAQUAL™ change. The real story of the oceans lacks a happy ending. However, we believe this can change.

We therefore decided to help and have introduced the innovative SEAQUAL™ textile comprising recycled fibre into our wide range of mattresses.


The SANTI mattress gives you a healthy posture while you sleep, thanks to the upper VISCOR® foam layer.

Its 7-zone anatomical profiling can facilitate better blood circulation in the skin and spinal relaxation throughout the night. The SANTI mattress hides high breathability and elasticity thanks to its balanced combination of cold foam and KOMFORTAN foam. SANTI stands for comfort.