These are true professionals who know what to do for the perfect comfort. They will surprise you with their top manufacturing quality, which is elaborated down to the smallest detail, as well as a unique shaping that will significantly improve the quality of your sleep. This ideal combination of comfort and convenience guarantees maximum satisfaction.

MAIA AIR mattress

The core is comprised of resistant elastic foam provided by double-sided 7-zone profiling with different loading area rigidity.

ANTIGÓNA mattress

Extreme comfort owing to VISCOR® foam. ANTIGÓNA will provide sleep with relaxation of your entire body.

ARTEMIS BIO mattress

An exclusive core comprising foam rubber (latex) with an admixture of natural rubber, which is double-reinforced and strengthened by the flexible coconut boards in the central layer.

MÉDEA PLUS mattress

A luxurious mattress providing comfortable sleep with use of the VISCOR® foam (lazy foam) of variable height.

FORTUNA BIO mattress

A partner mattress comprised of exceptionally elastic HR-foam with soya oil extract.

METIS mattress

A unique mattress with a high-comfort gel-latex layer.

SENIORA mattress

A top resilient sandwich mattress with reinforced sides.

JOLANA mattress

A practical “cold foam” sandwich mattress suitable for people with allergies.


EURIDIKA mattress

A comfort sandwich mattress with a VISCOR® foam (lazy foam) layer. 

NATALIA mattress

A reinforced latex mattress with a coconut flexi-sheet.

DANAÉ mattress

A mattress for partners in the form of 18 cm high sleeping luxury. This is DANAÉ.

NORKA PLUS mattress

This mattress is appreciated by adolescents for its firmness and unique core.

ZLATA PLUS mattress

A classical pocket-sprung mattress.