Every mother-to-be looks forward to her baby and, at the same time, worries about whether she is ready for the baby’s arrival. One of the important items on any list is undoubtedly the crib mattress. We are often asked how to choose a mattress, what firmness to look for, etc., so here is the answer to your question “How to choose a mattress for a baby”? The mattress should be firm, but neither hard nor soft. A baby could suffer bruises on its delicate skin. There is also the risk that the little body will not be sufficiently blooded.

If you do not think about this, the child may later develop so-called flat head syndrome. The best mattress for a baby must be sufficiently breathable with medium firmness. Equally important is the mattress cover, which should be removable and washable. To make it easier for you to choose the right mattress, we are bringing you our comprehensive offer of MORAVIA COMFORT BABY mattresses.


Children’s set comprising a unique mattress, bedding set, positioning wedge, air mat and fleece blanket.

ROZÁRKA mattress

Comprised of antibacterial foam with SANITIZED® treatment to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

MIMI mattress

The core comprises a special highly flexible cold foam, which creates a sufficiently strong and firm base for the correct shaping of the growing baby’s spine.

BABY mattress

Foam mattress for babies. Classic solution for the healthy and undisturbed sleep of the youngest.

BAMBINO mattress

A high-quality sandwich baby mattress. The core comprises a combination of PUR foam and ECOREPUR foam.

LITTLE wedge

The LITTLE positioning wedge for the crib helps to reduce the choking and suffocation risk of the baby after breastfeeding.


Are you looking for a multifunctional mat suitable for changing or perhaps a mat for trips? You’ll definitely find our mat handy.


Wrap your little one in our BUBO Fleece blanket to make them feel like they’re on a cloud.

BUBO set

The BUBO crib bedding set is made of 100% cotton, which thanks to its combed yarn is characterised by its exceptional properties.