Our COMFORT mattress will impress you with its excellent elasticity, optimal firmness and dimensional stability. With them you will always reach the highest relaxation during your sleep and wake fresh full of energy for the coming day.

mattress MADA

A partner mattress with two functional sides providing different firmness comfort in a maximum height of 26 cm.


mattress NYRA

NYRA, a sandwich mattress with internal moulding, adapts beautifully to your body and provides the space it needs to regenerate.

mattress NYRA MAX

The NYRA MAX, a sandwich mattress with internal moulding, adapts beautifully to your body to provide the space it needs to regenerate.

mattress GYLFI

The GYLFI mattress will help you slowly sink into dreamland thanks to the slow-return effect.

mattress LANA

The word toughness perfectly describes our LANA mattress. Its design and material application enhance its adaptability in every situation.

mattress SANTI

The SANTI mattress gives you a healthy posture while you sleep, thanks to the upper VISCOR® foam layer.

mattress MONTE

We supply the MONTE partner mattress without any glued joints. The unique central zip shaping core ensures sufficient air circulation and moisture removal.

mattress POLO

You do not want to compromise your comfort and quality sleep. We have designed the POLO mattress just for you.

mattress NAVI

A partner mattress with central corrugated moulding that connects without gluing to emphasise the orthopaedic properties of the mattress.

mattress KAREN

Thanks to the unique combination of flexible foams and coconut board, the KAREN mattress is firm and at the same time comfortable.

mattress OCEANICO

We believe in SEAQUAL™ change. The real story of the oceans lacks a happy ending. However, we believe this can change.

mattress CATANIA

The CATANIA sandwich mattress is very popular because of its outer layer profiling, which can help to improve blood circulation to the skin during sleep.