Enjoy a longer and undisturbed sleep thanks to our anatomical pillows. They will exactly form according to your head and neck. They are ideal for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain and for those who want to do what’s best for their health. The special shaping and selected materials provide perfect support in any position and relax the muscles. We use high quality VISCOR® foam (memory foam), which softens with body temperature and changes its firmness. An anatomical pillow and the new high-quality mattress – the perfect combination for a cloud-like sleeping experience.


This is an extra conformable lazy-foam pillow. The “lazy foam” changes its firmness with temperature, adapting to the body flexibly and slowly returning. It can minimise the pressure that results in relieving muscular stress in the neck zone. The pillow air permeability and hygiene is provided by perforation of the pillow core.

THERMO pillow

A thermo-reactive pillow made of VISCOR® foam for maximum comfort. All points of the anatomical shaping VISCOR® foam shaping react to body temperature, changing its firmness to ensure an even distribution of pressure. Thanks to the so-called slow-return effect, it reduces neck muscle strain and may help relieve headache and neck stiffness.

FYZIO AIR pillow

A permeable pillow with excellent adaptability in a lying position. The pillow core is comprised of high-density VISCOR® (lazy foam), which perfectly adapts to the head and neck without creating back pressure. A perforated core of classical shape provides excellent aeration.

Pillow dimensions:
approx. 60 × 35 × 8/10 cm

Pillow dimensions: 
approx. 58 × 33 × 11 cm

Pillow dimensions: 
cca 67 × 43 × 10 cm